2G Scouts win outright at Scout Hike May 2017

2nd Gordon Scout leaders and Venturer Scouts, along with the North St Ives leaders buddied up to run one of 28 activity points at this year’s Scout Hike 2017 (05-07 May). Located in a pine forest in the Southern Highlands, it was attended by over 1,000 Scouts and around 400 leaders and helpers. The theme was Historical Adventurers.

Picture perfect in the Southern Highlands

Congratulations to 2nd Gordon Wombats patrol led by PL Ed H. This was a remarkable result beating around 200 other patrols to win the annual event outright. Points are awarded for participation, being on time, achievement, teaming, leadership and much more.

Photo courtesy of Scouts SNR

Kooka’s patrol

Navigation Course

Sleep Point with portable water supply

Morning fires for cooking and warming up

Jezza looks a million dollars!

Good on everyone for a fantastic effort and our Wombats patrol for their outright victory!