A VIVID Cubs Excursion – June 2022

We’ve got a cold but clear evening for our Cubs excursion to VIVID: “the annual creative festival that showcases the soul of our city, in collaboration with the most brilliant and boundary-pushing artists, thinkers and musicians of our time”. It’s the 12th VIVID festival in Sydney but the first time we’ve taken the Cubs out to see the lights.

Somehow, we manage to get our private Cubs Carriage on the train from Gordon…

From Milsons Point, it’s a brisk walk down to the Luna Park wharf to catch the ferry over to Circular Quay.

We then manage to not lose any of the Cubas we make our wway across the crowded Qircular Quay, to the Cahill Walk, which takes us all the way back to Milsons Point across the Harbour Bridge. From here, we enjoy the ever-changing display of lights from the Bridge!

A VIVID Cubs Excursion - June 2022

A group photo and a quick headcount in the middle of the Harbour Bridge confirms we still haven’t lost any Cubs…

A VIVID Cubs Excursion - June 2022

A very enjoyable evening out… for more photos for visit www.facebook.com/2ndGordon!