Amalia’s Grey Wolf hike – July 2020

My Grey Wolf Walk

Amalia's Grey Wolf hike - July 2020On Saturday the 4th of July 2020, at 10:15am, my group and I set off on the Thornleigh to Hornsby part of the Great North Walk. The people in the group were me, Isabella, Grace, Kira and Charlotte (from Scouts), and of course the adults Tanya, Chris and Brian. It was 9.52km long and took about 3 hours and 26 minutes. Of that time, about 3 hours and 15 minutes were spent moving.

On my walk I had to stop regularly to check the map to see which path to take. I also carried a compass with me, and I used that sometimes as well. My mum also asked me a lot where we were on the map. I used contour lines, rivers, paths and other landmarks as well as using my compass to figure it out.

In planning for the walk, I asked everyone to bring:

  • A backpack
  • Food for lunch
  • A water bottle
  • A sunhat
  • Sunscreen, and
  • A personal first aid kit

Amalia's Grey Wolf hike - July 2020On the walk, one of my favourite things were that there were lots of beautiful flowers and scenery.

We had lunch on top of big boulders and had a wonderful view from where we had lunch. Walking through the bush, we were surrounded by fascinating bird calls of all types.

We had lots of fun making impersonations of characters from movies that we had watched (especially Hela from Thor: Ragnarok).

At one point, we had sat down to have a snack on top of some rocks (not the big one in the picture), and Isabella fell back and did a nice backwards roly-poly! Luckily, she stopped herself before she rolled all the way down the hill.

We once crossed some big boulders that were stopping water from flowing through, creating a mini waterfall. There were lots of holes in the rocks created by erosion, and one particularly big one was connected to the waterfall and had a giant mass of bubbles wobbling up and down in it! It almost made me want to jump in like a bubble bath.

Amalia's Grey Wolf hike - July 2020

Overall, I think this walk was a very good choice; it was fun, had lots of wonderful flowers and scenery, the weather was just right, it was not too long or short or up and down, and it had just the right amount of people! I feel that after this walk I am now more confident in my map reading skills than before. I would love to go on this walk again.

Amalia (Patrol Leader)