Jamboree Scouts Combined Evening – Sep 2018

2nd & 3rd Lindfield Scouts had a combined night with 2nd Gordon Scouts to bring together our AJ2019 troop B548 for the first time. Non-Jamboree Scouts also attended to join in a mixed patrol activity.

We had a Masterchef challenge night, where patrols selected their ‘chosen’ members to take on mini challenges in order to make a preferred choice of cooking ingredients.

After all ingredients were earned, a creative meal was prepared, cooked, and then sampled.


The combined troop night went very well. We look forward to having all Jamboree attendees at October’s shakedown camp.

Australian Scout Medallion Project – Aug 2018

On Sunday 5th August, Tom L, our Australian Scout Medallion candidate organised and documented the planning of a brilliant project for his award requirements.

It included all sections of 2nd Gordon’s group including Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers in canoes and kayaks scouring the shorelines of Cowan Creek from Apple Tree Bay Bobbin Head for rubbish.

25+kg of general rubbish and a very old 20kg wheel/tyre was collected with support from Clean Up Australia (also organised by Tom in conjunction with National Parks).

Of no surprise, a large amount of rubbish amongst the rocks and oyster shells or wrapped around trees were plastic shopping bags and bottles of all shapes, sizes and materials. And the two oddest items we found were a rusted out cast iron camp oven and a pitch fork with wooden handle intact.

The weather was another beautiful warm Winter’s day. Leaders from all sections were present.

This activity was particularly inspiring because it entailed conserving our natural environment, inter-group socialising, and most of all, a fun way to do it by paddling!

We wish Tom all the best in finishing his ASM before moving up a section to Venturers. Thank you to all members and parents who helped out today to make this happen for Tom, Bobbin Head National Parks for hosting us, and West Pymble Scouts for the loan of extra canoes.

Scout Hike – May 2018

One of the Scouts’ premier events for the year, is the two-day, two-night Scout Hike, where registered NSW Scout patrols lightweight hike between about 30 activity points (run by leaders) in a closed (to public) state forest. This year celebrated a 25-year milestone for this event.

Our first night of arrival was windy and cold, however the photo above of day break was to be perfect conditions to hike.

This year, 2nd Gordon Scout Hike patrols won 1 gold and 3 bronze places – well done to all.

We even tried to blast a Scout into space!

But the landing failed…

2nd Gordon and North St Ives ran a fun activity point with a Mars theme which included trivia, making an effigy ‘starman’ like Elon Musk did sending a Tesla car to space, and then firing their effigy attached to a water rocket.

Glenn explaining water rocket propulsion

Our activity point was very popular and processed over 150 patrols over two days.

Two days went fast! See below for a very short video of a water rocket being fired for the most part in slow motion – you can appreciate how fast these air and water powered rockets fly.

Video of Water Rocket – 5 seconds

Scouts Anzac Long Weekend Camp Apr 2018

2nd Gordon Scouts’ normal annual Easter camp was pushed out to the ANZAC long weekend to align with school holidays. This camp is our troop’s primary campcraft and traditional scouting venue over 5 days and 4 nights; and set upon a backdrop of bushland backing onto the Abercrombie River on private property.

Scouts are challenged with patrol related tasks, setting up a full camps including canvas sleeping quarters, kitchen dining areas with gadets and cooking over open fires.

Our Scouts had a belated Easter egg hunt using a navigation challenge, a night hike including navigation by the stars, 3 course competition dinner in ground camp ovens, and games.

Leaders cooked the troop’s first dinner with the now-famous two shovel chicken stir fry done on a huge steel sizzling hot plate.

Many Scouts also appreciated the opportunity to bond as patrols and a troop, and we had a few jokes, skits, and sharing stories around our large campfire.

See you all at our next big camp!

Break on the way to camp

Phil and Connor presented the Wood Badge Mar 2018

Phil and Connor are amongst four 2nd Gordon leaders completing their Advanced Leadership training to be recognised with the time-honoured Wood Badge.

This is the highest leader award, though learning and honing of skills that never really cease during a leader’s tenure.

Phil and Connor presented with the Wood Badge and Gilwell scarf

The Wood Badge is awarded on successful completion of specific training as well as a major project.

Ceremony included special commisioners Kevin Sewell and Faye Bowers

The badge is actually two wooden beads worn around the neck on a leather string. The ‘dove grey’ Gilwell scarf is worn on non-group special events, and signifies their membership in the internationally-recognised 1st Gilwell Scout Group. Two more presentations are to come soon for another two 2nd Gordon leaders.

Scouts in 3rd Place – District Raft Race Feb 2018

Congratulations to the 2nd Gordon Scout Troop who built a superb traditional raft able to float 13 Scouts around the race course at Narrabeen.

The rain stayed away for most of the morning, with wind creating some navigating challenges.

Third place is admirable; however 2nd Gordon Scouts couldn’t retain the First Place trophy they won last year. They will have to attempt it again next year.


Construction as usual for 2nd Gordon was top notch using traditional knots. Well done to all, and also our parent helpers who did a great job transporting and assisting on the day.

2 Leaders Invested and 3 new leaders starting – Dec 2017

2nd Gordon Scout group is pleased to announce two new leaders invested to the team, Oliver (Cubs) and Kate (Venturers). Congratulations and welcome to our ‘family’.

Amazing this was taken in complete darkness of night so not the clearest picture. Numerous leaders are missing (Tanya, Jeremy, Connor, Geoff). L-R: Rod, Oliver, Kate, Cal, Chris, Nicole, Ian, Glenn, and Phil

It has taken time to assemble such an outstanding team, and early in 2018, we shall be announcing three additional new leaders who shall begin their training.

Scouts and Venturers support Leukaemia Research – Oct 2017

2nd Gordon and North St Ives Scouts, Venturers, parents, and leaders worked the Sat 28 Oct afternoon through to hours well into Sun morning to daybreak to support the 2nd Gordon Scouts-run Checkpoint India at Wisemans Ferry for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic race.



Each year, The Arrow Foundation hosts the race for around 600 participants who paddle for up to 111km overnight to raise money for research.

2nd Gordon has run the site for well over 15 years, including site logistics, checkpoint control, and check in and out to track all paddlers.

Congratulations to our own Chris, Ric, and Nicole on your achievements in the paddle!