Spanish Cubs Visitors May 2017

2nd Gordon Cubs started off Term 2 with two special (Cub) Scout visitors from Madrid Spain, Carla and Charlie. Carla presented a scarf from their home Scout group as part of their custom when visiting another international group. Welcome to 2nd Gordon Carla and Charlie! During Term 2, Cubs leaders have also re-organised the Six teams for optimal succession planning and promoted numerous Sixers and Seconds.


Scout from Czech Republic confronts rightwing demonstrator May 2017

16-year old Scout, Lucie Myslikova from Brno Czech Republic stands up to hatred at a neo-Nazi rally. Her hand-written banner read, “A good patriot doesn’t need to Heil”. The story was also posted by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement in support for values of diversity, peace, and understanding to create a better world.

Photograph: Vladimir Cicmanec

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2G Scouts win outright at Scout Hike May 2017

2nd Gordon Scout leaders and Venturer Scouts, along with the North St Ives leaders buddied up to run one of 28 activity points at this year’s Scout Hike 2017 (05-07 May). Located in a pine forest in the Southern Highlands, it was attended by over 1,000 Scouts and around 400 leaders and helpers. The theme was Historical Adventurers.

Picture perfect in the Southern Highlands

Congratulations to 2nd Gordon Wombats patrol led by PL Ed H. This was a remarkable result beating around 200 other patrols to win the annual event outright. Points are awarded for participation, being on time, achievement, teaming, leadership and much more.

Photo courtesy of Scouts SNR

Kooka’s patrol

Navigation Course

Sleep Point with portable water supply

Morning fires for cooking and warming up

Jezza looks a million dollars!

Good on everyone for a fantastic effort and our Wombats patrol for their outright victory!


Scouts Annual Easter Camp Apr 2017

2nd Gordon Scouts returned this year as a stronger, cohesive, and more competent troop after Easter camp. It was extended by an extra day to 4 nights away and located at a remote private bushland property backing onto Abercrombie River, a beautiful part of Australia. Weather was perfect as was early sunrise (below) on our first morning of camp.

Scouts competed to earn points while earning their Camp Craft and numerous proficiency badges, preparing meals in ground ovens, navigation, astronomy and much more. Below was a bearing corrected Sundial project.

The now-famous 2nd Gordon “Two-Shovel” stir fry (below).

We also invested our newest Scouts, Saarthak and Charlotte in a memorable location, and also presented numerous awards, including a Red Cord to Tierney, and Blue Cord to Tom L.

Good on Kanga’s Patrol (above) for winning the inaugural Buffalo Award for excellence in growth together as a Patrol during the camp, and Kooka’s (below) for winning the outright award for Easter Camp, scoring the most points. All Patrols scored very close this year.

Glenn started us off (below) telling us a wonderful story about the influence of his father at camps when he was a child, which was a great setting for every other Scout and leader to follow him with a personal yarn during our “Scouts Own”.

Troop Campfire night (below) and the art of marshmallow toasting…

Much growth, bonding and friendships are forged at this annual camp and leaders were left very proud of our Scout’s achievements. A big thank you to our terrific parent helpers this year who did a sterling job! This lean-to construction (below) was rebuilt by our parent helpers (and a few Scouts) and appreciated by our adopted camp canine, Jethro! Thank you also to Steve and Jan for providing this opportunity once again!

Scout Tom L Achieves Blue Cord Jan-Apr 2017


Congratulations to Tom L who led his patrol on a 20km overnight hike in a Central Coast national park in January and completed his final prerequisites during the recent annual 2nd Gordon Easter Camp where Tom was awarded his Explorers Blue Cord. Tom has done an exceptional job planning and executing his hike in unfamiliar territory, earning his Explorers badge requirements, and leading his Kookaburra’s Patrol to victory during Easter Camp.

The troop and the leadership team are very proud of Tom’s achievements!

Roventure 2017 Win – Mar 2017

Congratulations to 2nd Gordon Venturers and Rovers who won at Roventure 2017 “The Gap Year”.

Roventure is an annual competitive event that bonds Venturers with Rovers. It was at Camp Kariong and included many fun and crazy activities including highland games, trivia, dance tent, worldwide eating, and a scavenger hunt. 2nd Gordon members braved the rainy weekend which didn’t dampen the fun one bit!

2nd Gordon Venturers Unit and Rover Crew are some of the largest sections and most active in our region…

Scouts win at District Raft Race Mar 2017

Congratulations to 2nd Gordon Scouts who won the outright trophy in the Traditional Raft construction category. With a number of Scouts from the troop away, a remarkable 7-only paddlers got the traditionally crafted 6 barrel raft back to shore the fastest after a Le Mans start and two laps around the marker buoy.

The Le Mans start

A beautiful day at Narrabeen Lake…

The Winners

Just cruising

This is the first time 2nd Gordon Scouts has won this plaque – well done to all!

Ian, Tiernan, Jono, Nicholas, Charlotte, Elena, Thomas, Supervisor Tom (hidden…) – to right, David Lister (Race organiser)


Venturers Queen Scout Awards – Mar 2017

A wonderful night was put together by the 2nd Gordon Venturer Unit to celebrate our newest Queen Scout Award recipients Angus P, and Peter T. Both were treated to a catered dinner at the 2nd Gordon Scout hall, along with parents, numerous delegates, previous members and leaders associated with the group, the Sydney North Regional Commissioner Kerry Griffin, the Rovers, and the group’s current leaders from all sections.

If you can see carefully in the photo’s background above, the large honour board mounted to the wall recognises our long-standing history of Queen Scout Award recipients. This is a remarkable achievement and the stories of Angus’ and Peter’s drive and motivation should be encouraging to all Venturers to follow in their footsteps.

Above, Angus P receiving his medal.. and below Peter T receiving his.

Congratulations to our Venturer unit for organising a great night, and especially Angus and Peter, a truly sterling effort!

Rovers Hall Security Upgrade Mar 2017

Thanks to the 2nd Gordon Rover crew primarily led by David and Marcus, with technical guidance from leaders Chris, Glenn, and Phil, installing the hall’s new high-tech security and surveillance system.

Approved by our group committee recently, the system is capable of remote monitoring the hall’s entire perimeter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether in light or in complete dark.

The intent to discourage trespassing and anti-social behaviour, which includes but not limited to graffiti and illegal dumping which costs council and/or community unnecessary expenditure.

Despite the increased security, we still depend on the vigilance of community, so when you drive or walk past the hall, be wary of any trucks or especially wood chip trucks in our laneway. If suspicious take a photo and/or call Gordon Police as soon as possible to report.

Ending on a light note, everyone enjoyed the comradery of the 2nd Gordon Rover crew and the BBQ lunch! Thanks to everyone that participated.

2nd Gordon Cubs parade Pets Mar 2017

The 2nd Gordon Cub Scout pack had their first pet parade in many years, mostly cool-canines, accompanied by a coy-cat feeling outnumbered and two very beguiled-Guinea-Pigs!

Cubs also earned their Level 1 Pets achievement badges, with four Cubs earning their Level 2 Pets badge by further explaining about pet care, challenges through growth, and local laws of ownership. The night had strong participation from all Cubs.