Burning Palms Loop (Grey Wolf) – Nov 2019

Track: Burning Palms Loop Track (Royal National Park)

Length: 8.2km
Grade: 4
Start/End: Garawarra Farm Carpark
Duration: 4 hours

After a long drive across Sydney (thank you Toby and Dad), we arrived at the Royal National Park at 10:00am. After checking out the portaloos in the Garawarra Farm carpark, we set off on our hike starting on the Garawarra Ridge Management Trail. After 3.11km we turned left to join the Coast Track, an epic multi-day walk between Bundeena and Otford. After a while we stopped at a lookout over Werrong Beach to have morning tea, making sure to not get too close to the edge of the cliff.

After morning tea we resumed our hike on the Coastal Track, walking initially along the newly constructed board walk, then down a steep slope, as we passed puffing walkers going the other way. Around 4.42km we entered the palm jungle. My friends and I found the palm jungle very exciting . After the palm jungle, we emerged onto a boardwalk over thick lush grass. We stopped briefly to admire some hang gliders floating above us.

Our next location on the walk was the Figure of Eight Pools. Sadly it was high tide and not safe to go near, so we instead continued to Burning Palms Beach and had lunch. We spent 30 minutes on the beach eating. After we finished eating we decided to explore the rocks, and one of us was silly enough to fall in and get wet.

After lunch we walked along the beach and headed back onto the track. This part of the Burning Palms Loop track was the hardest as it was up a very steep hill, all the way from the beach to the top of the ridge. It was so steep we needed to stop several times to allow everyone to catch their breath. On the track we stopped to look at some facts about the land and history on the signs along the track. After approximately 4 hours we had completed the Burning Palms loop track, stating and finishing at the Garawarra Farm Carpark. Everyone was hot and sweaty and ready for the long drive back to my place to cool down and relax. Thank you to all my friends for supporting me on the walk, and to Toby and Dad for giving up their time to allow it to happen.

Burning Palms Loop (Grey Wolf) - Nov 2019

Burning Palms Loop (Grey Wolf) - Nov 2019