Cubs linking to Scouts farewell – May 2017

Congratulations to Jack R, Matthew L, Aiden K, and Will S who had their last night with Cubs this month and have linked up to our Scouts section. Their send off included a creative challenge course (built by one of our Scouts, Ed H) and water shooters!

We also farewelled our Spanish visitors for the month of May, Carla and Charlie. We trust you can share some great stories with your Scout group back home; it was great to share our traditions.


3 new Cubs invested into 2G – May 2017

Congratulations to Jade D, Luke D, and Will G-J who were invested into 2nd Gordon Cub Pack this week at a special pack ceremony alongside Middle Harbour. We also had 5 parents come along to be a part of our night hike and take part in our three investitures. All new Cubs pledged their Cub Scout Promise and recited the Cub Scout Law. Each Cub was congratulated by the pack with the Cub Yell (1-2-3-WOLF!!!) which echoed loudly across the harbour.


The investitures occurred during our pack night hike in an area near Founders Way/Bungaroo Track, St Ives on the Pipeline Track. Of historical significance, it was in this area where Admiral Arthur Phillip (RAN), the first Governor of NSW, 1788, camped and explored with an expedition to find suitable farming land. We felt this was a significant and memorable location.


Congratulations from the Cub leaders and to the entire pack for doing a great job on your night hike and welcoming our newest members.

Cub Scout Law : “Cub Scouts are Loyal and Obedient; Cub Scouts do not give into themselves”

Spanish Cubs Visitors May 2017

2nd Gordon Cubs started off Term 2 with two special (Cub) Scout visitors from Madrid Spain, Carla and Charlie. Carla presented a scarf from their home Scout group as part of their custom when visiting another international group. Welcome to 2nd Gordon Carla and Charlie! During Term 2, Cubs leaders have also re-organised the Six teams for optimal succession planning and promoted numerous Sixers and Seconds.


2nd Gordon Cubs parade Pets Mar 2017

The 2nd Gordon Cub Scout pack had their first pet parade in many years, mostly cool-canines, accompanied by a coy-cat feeling outnumbered and two very beguiled-Guinea-Pigs!

Cubs also earned their Level 1 Pets achievement badges, with four Cubs earning their Level 2 Pets badge by further explaining about pet care, challenges through growth, and local laws of ownership. The night had strong participation from all Cubs.

Cubs BLAST off Term 1 with Water Rockets Feb 2017

Cub Scouts were able to enjoy a toned down version of a traditional 2nd Gordon Scout section activity with water rockets. Our theme this term is to enjoy the outdoors while we still have daylight saving.

These rockets have a unique design modified by engineers in the 2nd Gordon leadership team to optimise flight with very simple design modifications where rockets can be built in about 10 minutes from recycled soft drink bottles, and launched with nothing more than water and bicycle pump air pressure. Firing them is always lots of fun, with some rockets going high, some far, and some spiralling out of control! Thanks again to Connor, an extra Scout leader present to supervise a second launcher, and four committed parent helpers, Toby, Mike, Eric, and Oliver who also kindly donated the very professional looking photos attached.

Cubs (…and leaders) never seem to get tired of this!

New Leaders invested to 2G group Jan 2017

Congratulations to both of our newest leaders, Connor Holmes (Scout Leader – far left in pic) and Tanya Fiedler (Cubs leader in final training – centre of pic). Both are professionals/executives who have already committed much of their time towards the Scouting community last year. They both have children at 2nd Gordon so get to share time with them in a great environment with the support of their fellow leaders. Leader profiles will be added to a new web page tab in near future. Next time you see Connor and Tanya, both will be wearing their one-of-a-kind tartan 2nd Gordon scarves and membership badges. Please support them supporting your children. [Photo apologies absent: Rod and Geoff from our Venturer Scout unit, and Rovers leaders].

Last Cubs Meeting for the Year Dec 2016

We had a triple-fun send off for 2016 including a 90 minute packed night including water shooters (where leaders found themselves targets…), ice-blocking grass sleds, followed by a Kris Kringle/Secret Santa, and along with cupcakes. The weather was sunny and a perfect 26 degrees. We farewelled Thomas H who is moving north and we wish him and his family all the best for the future.




See you all in Term 1 2017 with another BIG fun program, along with several new Cubs joining our Pack. Happy holidays, and have a Merry Christmas!

Another Successful XMAS Tree Sale Dec 2016

2nd Gordon Scout Group had fantastic help from scouting families to sell Christmas trees at our annual sale we have run for many years. So, thanks to parents, leaders, and committee members for making another very successful Christmas tree sale and fundraiser.


Thank you to our customers and annual supporters within our local community and beyond. We even had one family come as far from the south of the Harbour Bridge, and it was great to see numerous customers continue with the Christmas tradition of coming into the hall to choose their tree as a family. We received an excellent quality crop this year thanks to a great relationship we have with the supplier, and excellent weather ideal for tree growth. The group had many more large trees this year due to the huge demand and sell-out last year within the first hour of sale.


Like every other year, 2nd Gordon provided care advice to prolong the life of the tree, car service, and delivery services.


Thanks Paola for designing our cool advertising flyer:

Christmas tree sale

2016 Christmas tree sale

Cubs visit local Fire Station Nov 2016

On 28 November 2016, Cubs were treated to a unique insight of an operational fire station at Gordon. This is our group’s closest fire station which is also an emergency rescue unit. As part of the Scouting movement, Cubs also need to appreciate how aspects of their community works, and how these fire fighters serve their community not only by helping to put out fires and performing rescues, but also community education. Cubs learnt to dial 000 in an emergency rather than 911 if you live in America, how a fire station operates, and what all the equipment on a fire truck/pump does. Thank you Nick, Andrew and the rest of the team for accommodating us! And awesome that every Cub was in full uniform and scarves!

Gordon Fire Station

Gordon Fire Station

Cubs getting fire awareness training

Cubs getting fire awareness training

How Fire (truck) pumps work

How Fire (truck) pumps work


Cubs having a turn on a fire hose!

Cubs having a turn on a fire hose!