Cub Leader Toby invested to 2G – Feb 2019

Congratulations to Toby who was invested to the group in the Cub Scouts section. Toby has a son in Cubs, and a daughter in Scouts, and along with his wife Helen, their family participates at numerous events. Toby was joined by his fellow leaders at his formal investiture ceremony followed by a casual function at one of the National Parks.

Annual Ski Trip – Sep 2018

The annual 2nd Gordon Ski Trip (in conjunction with 2nd/3rd Lindfield Scouts) was a resounding success! Over 40 Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rover with their families enjoyed two days of skiing at Perisher, staying at the Scout Alpine Activities Centre in Jindabyne. While the first day was a bit cloudy with limited visibility, the second day provided perfect Spring skiing conditions.


Seven new Cubs invested into 2G – Mar 2018

Congratulations to our seven newest Cubs, who were invested at our Cub Camp at Kariong over the weekend, in a spectacular setting overlooking Brisbane Water National Park.

Seven new Cubs invested into 2G – Mar 2018

We invested:

  • Alex M
  • Alex V
  • Amelia C
  • Jasmine G
  • Kira H
  • Oliver K
  • Sina H

Welcome to 2nd Gordon!

Adventures at Kariong Cub Camp – Mar 18

With much trepidation (by the Leaders and Parent Helpers!) we loaded 19 very enthusiastic Cubs into a convoy of cars, and headed north to Camp Kariong. A major incident on the freeway meant a late arrival into our leafy campsite at Camp Kariong, and the parents quickly got dinner organised while the Cubs not-so-quickly pitched their tents.

Despite a late evening the Cubs were up bright and early on Saturday morning, and ready for a cooked breakfast before the day’s activities.

As the forecast was for a hot day, we set off straight after breakfast for our bushwalk. The 5km Piles Creek Loop track in the Brisbane Water National Park is described as a “short but challenging” Grade 5 walk, so it will hopefully challenge the Cubs (although they proved to be a pretty hardy bunch on our very wet walk the previous week! The track is quite varied, traversing eucalypt forest and crossing the deep gorge of Piles Creek past waterfalls and scenic clearings, and across a suspension bridge.

After lunch at the Girrakool Picnic Area, we head back to camp. As the day is getting pretty warm, we cool off with a swim in a natural swimming hole.

After dinner (nachos), we have seven new Cubs to invest, which we do at a stunning location overlooking the Brisbane Water National Park, as the sun sets in the background…

Adventures at Kariong Cub Camp - Mar 18

It’s been a long day, so what better way to finish than a baked apple stuffed with Mars Bar & marshmallows, cooked in the campfire! It’s out last fire – no breakfast damper on the campfire the following morning, as a total fire ban being has been declared on Sunday,

Despite the following day being forecast to hit 40 degrees, it’s a cold night. All the Cubs sleep soundly in their tents, and mercifully wake up a little later than they did on the previous day (the strategy of exhausting them on our bushwalk must have paid off). After bravely defending our camp from one of three goannas – named Jimmy, Billy and Madeline by the Cubs – it’s time for some more outdoor fun.

We’ve invited the 2nd Gordon Rover crew down on Sunday morning to create a few activities, and they do a fantastic job challenging the Cubs with abseiling

crate stacking, where the Cubs attempt to build a stack of crates up to 3m in height…

horizontal bungee jumping, where the Cubs are tied to a tree with bungee cord as they compete in pairs to reach a balloon…

…and last but not least, slack-lining between two trees, over a dangerous void of quite prickly grass (no Cubs were harmed in this exercise).

That concluded our camp – we enjoyed lunch with the Rovers, and headed back to Sydney, as the temperature soared to the 38 degrees – the hottest day this late in March since 1940!

A big thanks to our Parent Helpers. We’re already looking forward to our next Cub Camp!

Phil and Connor presented the Wood Badge Mar 2018

Phil and Connor are amongst four 2nd Gordon leaders completing their Advanced Leadership training to be recognised with the time-honoured Wood Badge.

This is the highest leader award, though learning and honing of skills that never really cease during a leader’s tenure.

Phil and Connor presented the Wood Badge Mar 2018

Phil and Connor presented with the Wood Badge and Gilwell scarf

The Wood Badge is awarded on successful completion of specific training as well as a major project.

Phil and Connor presented the Wood Badge Mar 2018

Ceremony included special commisioners Kevin Sewell and Faye Bowers

The badge is actually two wooden beads worn around the neck on a leather string. The ‘dove grey’ Gilwell scarf is worn on non-group special events, and signifies their membership in the internationally-recognised 1st Gilwell Scout Group. Two more presentations are to come soon for another two 2nd Gordon leaders.

2 Leaders Invested and 3 new leaders starting – Dec 2017

2nd Gordon Scout group is pleased to announce two new leaders invested to the team, Oliver (Cubs) and Kate (Venturers). Congratulations and welcome to our ‘family’.

2 Leaders Invested and 3 new leaders starting - Dec 2017

Amazing this was taken in complete darkness of night so not the clearest picture. Numerous leaders are missing (Tanya, Jeremy, Connor, Geoff). L-R: Rod, Oliver, Kate, Cal, Chris, Nicole, Ian, Glenn, and Phil

It has taken time to assemble such an outstanding team, and early in 2018, we shall be announcing three additional new leaders who shall begin their training.

Message from Chief Commissioner – May 2017

National Volunteer Week 08-14 May 2017

Message from Chief Commissioner - May 2017

It’s National Volunteer Week, and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful organisation that is made up of thousands of volunteer Leaders and Supporters who teach the value of volunteering to our youth members. My travels across the length and breadth of our State remind me of the amazing contribution you each make. I want to thank you for the contribution you make each day, each week, and each year to the young people of NSW. You are each an inspiration to me! While I know the reason our Leaders and Supporters are involved in Scouting is to support young people, it is also important to understand the contribution made to the NSW community. The time you give is valuable and the economic benefit to our local communities through Scouting is more than $10 million each year. Wow! Because of you, our youth members are inspired and engaged in a program that develops their confidence, resilience and leadership. They become engaged members of their local community and learn that giving is as valuable as receiving. We couldn’t do this without you and the vital role you play. It is important that you feel valued, acknowledged and supported. Today, and every day, we celebrate this contribution. During National Volunteer Week (May 8 – 14) you can also thank your Leader or another inspirational volunteer member of Scouting by uploading a selfie with them and sharing what makes them so awesome on the Scouts NSW Facebook Page or on Instagram with the tag @scoutsnsw #thankaleader

Spanish Cubs Visitors May 2017

2nd Gordon Cubs started off Term 2 with two special (Cub) Scout visitors from Madrid Spain, Carla and Charlie. Carla presented a scarf from their home Scout group as part of their custom when visiting another international group. Welcome to 2nd Gordon Carla and Charlie! During Term 2, Cubs leaders have also re-organised the Six teams for optimal succession planning and promoted numerous Sixers and Seconds.

Spanish Cubs Visitors May 2017 Spanish Cubs Visitors May 2017

Rovers Hall Security Upgrade Mar 2017

Thanks to the 2nd Gordon Rover crew primarily led by David and Marcus, with technical guidance from leaders Chris, Glenn, and Phil, installing the hall’s new high-tech security and surveillance system.

Rovers Hall Security Upgrade Mar 2017

Approved by our group committee recently, the system is capable of remote monitoring the hall’s entire perimeter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether in light or in complete dark.

Rovers Hall Security Upgrade Mar 2017

The intent to discourage trespassing and anti-social behaviour, which includes but not limited to graffiti and illegal dumping which costs council and/or community unnecessary expenditure.

Rovers Hall Security Upgrade Mar 2017

Despite the increased security, we still depend on the vigilance of community, so when you drive or walk past the hall, be wary of any trucks or especially wood chip trucks in our laneway. If suspicious take a photo and/or call Gordon Police as soon as possible to report.

Ending on a light note, everyone enjoyed the comradery of the 2nd Gordon Rover crew and the BBQ lunch! Thanks to everyone that participated.

Founders Day Message from Chief Commissioner 22 Feb 2017

Today, we recognise worldwide the birthday of our Founder, Lord Baden Powell, who was born on this day on 1857. I am sure our Founder would be proud that his Movement now has some 40 million Members worldwide, with a presence in 216 countries. It is the largest and longest running youth development organisation in the world.

Founders Day Message from Chief Commissioner 22 Feb 2017

Lord Baden-Powell

This is also an opportunity for your Board Chairman (Kerry McGoldrick), General Manager (Andrew Smith AM) and me, as Chief Commissioner, to thank you sincerely for your commitment to Scouting across NSW. As I travel the length and breadth of our State, listen to our members and participate in hundreds of Scouting activities, I am inspired by the dedication of our adult Leaders, our Supporters and our youth. I recognise the sacrifices you make, often with your own families, to devote to Scouting and to the young people of your community. Thank you! I never fail to be amazed by our youth! Last Sunday, whilst at our Australian Scout Museum at Newington Armory, Sydney, I talked with youth from the 1st Picnic Point Scout Group. We were talking about the importance of Founder’s Day, and I asked them who knew the year our Founder was born. A quiet young Cub from the back quickly raised his hand and proudly announced 1857! Of course he got the prize! Listening to our youth was not my only privilege at that event. I had the great privilege of investing a number of new members to our State Heritage Fellowship. They all do a great job, with our Deputy Chief Commissioner (Strategy), our Assistant State Commissioner, our Curator, and our volunteers at looking after our valued heritage items. It is an important part of Scouting, especially for our future generations. Thank you for your support of Scouting across NSW and for the important role you play in the development of our worldwide Movement!

With best wishes, Yours in Scouting, Neville Tomkins OAM JP Chief Commissioner Scouts Australia (NSW Branch)

New Leaders invested to 2G group Jan 2017

Congratulations to both of our newest leaders, Connor Holmes (Scout Leader – far left in pic) and Tanya Fiedler (Cubs leader in final training – centre of pic). Both are professionals/executives who have already committed much of their time towards the Scouting community last year. They both have children at 2nd Gordon so get to share time with them in a great environment with the support of their fellow leaders. Leader profiles will be added to a new web page tab in near future. Next time you see Connor and Tanya, both will be wearing their one-of-a-kind tartan 2nd Gordon scarves and membership badges. Please support them supporting your children. [Photo apologies absent: Rod and Geoff from our Venturer Scout unit, and Rovers leaders].

New Leaders invested to 2G group Jan 2017

Another Successful XMAS Tree Sale Dec 2016

2nd Gordon Scout Group had fantastic help from scouting families to sell Christmas trees at our annual sale we have run for many years. So, thanks to parents, leaders, and committee members for making another very successful Christmas tree sale and fundraiser.


Thank you to our customers and annual supporters within our local community and beyond. We even had one family come as far from the south of the Harbour Bridge, and it was great to see numerous customers continue with the Christmas tradition of coming into the hall to choose their tree as a family. We received an excellent quality crop this year thanks to a great relationship we have with the supplier, and excellent weather ideal for tree growth. The group had many more large trees this year due to the huge demand and sell-out last year within the first hour of sale.


Like every other year, 2nd Gordon provided care advice to prolong the life of the tree, car service, and delivery services.


Thanks Paola for designing our cool advertising flyer:

Christmas tree sale

2016 Christmas tree sale

Scout Hall Working Bee Dec 2016

Thank you parents and members of 2nd Gordon Scout group. Our hall and the surrounding bushland looks fantastic in preparation of an expected hot and dry summer, and upcoming events such as our Christmas Tree fundraiser sale on Saturday 10th December. Thanks again Mark Stedfut for coordinating our working bee days.





Christmas in July 2016

Our leaders and parents had a fun, festive evening around an open fire at our annual ‘Christmas in July’ dinner – which was actually in August this year! The mulled wine was a hit as usual, the food was amazing value and our volunteer Christmas elves worked hard to make sure the evening went smoothly. The Christmas Quiz was quite a challenge but there was a clear winner, and some hidden talents were displayed while making Christmas sculptures out of play dough. A big thank you to our Social Committee for organising such a great night!

Family Camp 2013

Pictures from the family camp