Family Camp on the Colo River – Mar 2020

As the threat of Coronavirus looms and lockdowns seem only a matter of time, we escape reality for a couple of days at Camp Bielany on the Upper Colo River… It will be the last camp we have for a while, so the Cubs (and parents) enjoy the opportunity to get outdoors while we still can! (Thanks Sarah and Rod for the photo contributions!) – more photos in our Cubs Photo Gallery.

We’ve got a fairly quiet first night with a few families arriving on Friday: the first task for the Cubs is demonstrating their ability to get the fire going…

The equally important next task is to cook some marshmallows… the theme of this camp being not so much “Surviving Coronovirus” but “Eating Marsmallows”. Fortunately the Cubs were not responsible for Coronavirus panic-buying, as marshmallows were still available in the supermarkets and we had a good supply at our camp!

The next day brings many more families – we have 16 Cubs in total (plus many older siblings and Future Cubs!) as well as Jade, Charlotte and Aiden from our Scout section. There’s also lots of outdoor activities taking place… The main activity is swimming and “tubing” on the Colo River, the last pristine river in NSW which flows from the Wollemi National Park down to the Hawkesbury River.

Of course, it’s not ALL play when you’re a Cub… more serious activities involved building a bamboo teepee, putting up the tents and making some notes on how to improve the design of future camps…

All this activity generates a healthy appetite: fortunately there are still marshmallows available to sustain the Cubs, Scouts and siblings through the evening!

As the day winds down, the Cubs seem to adapt well to their electronic-device-free surroundings, playing card games by torch-light as the day draws to a close…

There’s a bit of overnight drizzle, but we awake to a sunny and cloudless morning, and a last chance for a swim, before heading reluctantly back home.

Scouts Water Activities Camp Nov-Dec 2019

The leaders and parent helpers spent a few months putting together our water activities camp (Outdoor Activity Skills – Level 3 Boating and partial Level 4 Sailing). It consisted of Powerboating with ski tubing, small powerboat handling (by youth), canoeing, and sailing (Hobiecat and Maricat). This was to be a unique experience not typically seen amongst the Scout groups where we tend to focus on campcraft.

Lake Lyell in Lithgow was our setting for a two day and two night camp. The emphasis was learning about new activities in a fun and rewarding environment. Nearly all Scouts, young and old attended the camp along with four leaders and two parent helpers (thanks JB and MS).

Duty patrols took care of kitchen and cooking duties, and we also made time to get together with the youth to review the first day to make quick improvements to the day 2 program.

Some of our water activity photos:

Youth got to try out small boat handling and driving skills:

Tubing was one of the favourite activities, with a number of those loving a fast adrenaline rush!

We shall consider doing another water camp next year.



Scouts Easter (ANZAC) Weekend Camp April 2019

Scouts, Leaders and parent helpers enjoyed the 4 night (5 day) camp which included traditional standing camp construction, navigation activities, an Easter egg hunt, 3 course Dinner cooking competition, and we also invested 5 new Scout members.

Set amongst the mountains around Abercrombie River, 2nd Gordon Scouts have used the Craven’s private property for years with their generosity and friendship. The land has largely remained natural for decades – Scouts are of course taught how to sustain the land to keep for generations.

Our canvas tents are still holding up well after decades. They and Scouts had fun for two of our evenings dropping to 2 degrees. The daytime was a nice mild temperature by contrast.

Chuff chuff ground ovens constructed from 15 litre metal drums, rocks and mud allowed the Scout patrols to cook a lamb roast and sticky date pudding for their competition dinner.

There was time to socialise… relax… and work as patrols…

And also carry out our daily water collection run for washing up water and a bush shower.

A camp isn’t a camp without our campfire night including skits, performances and toasted marshmallows.

We finished off with 5 new Scout investitures, a group photo, then our trip back to Sydney… till next year!


Two New Scout Leaders May 2019

We are pleased to welcome Smokey (Fiona) and Ian-Ross to the 2nd Gordon Scout Troop. Ian-Ross is currently in training for the Scouts section whilst Smokey brings a wealth of experience to the Scout troop leadership team including previously held roles as Cub leader, Scout Leader and Venturer leader from other regions. More on their profile will be added on the Leader Profiles page in future.

2G Scout Leaders (L-R: Glenn, Jezza, Connor, Ian-Ross, Smokey, Phil)

Jamboree Scouts Combined Evening – Sep 2018

2nd & 3rd Lindfield Scouts had a combined night with 2nd Gordon Scouts to bring together our AJ2019 troop B548 for the first time. Non-Jamboree Scouts also attended to join in a mixed patrol activity.

We had a Masterchef challenge night, where patrols selected their ‘chosen’ members to take on mini challenges in order to make a preferred choice of cooking ingredients.

After all ingredients were earned, a creative meal was prepared, cooked, and then sampled.


The combined troop night went very well. We look forward to having all Jamboree attendees at October’s shakedown camp.

Australian Scout Medallion Project – Aug 2018

On Sunday 5th August, Tom L, our Australian Scout Medallion candidate organised and documented the planning of a brilliant project for his award requirements.

It included all sections of 2nd Gordon’s group including Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers in canoes and kayaks scouring the shorelines of Cowan Creek from Apple Tree Bay Bobbin Head for rubbish.

25+kg of general rubbish and a very old 20kg wheel/tyre was collected with support from Clean Up Australia (also organised by Tom in conjunction with National Parks).

Of no surprise, a large amount of rubbish amongst the rocks and oyster shells or wrapped around trees were plastic shopping bags and bottles of all shapes, sizes and materials. And the two oddest items we found were a rusted out cast iron camp oven and a pitch fork with wooden handle intact.

The weather was another beautiful warm Winter’s day. Leaders from all sections were present.

This activity was particularly inspiring because it entailed conserving our natural environment, inter-group socialising, and most of all, a fun way to do it by paddling!

We wish Tom all the best in finishing his ASM before moving up a section to Venturers. Thank you to all members and parents who helped out today to make this happen for Tom, Bobbin Head National Parks for hosting us, and West Pymble Scouts for the loan of extra canoes.

Scout Hike – May 2018

One of the Scouts’ premier events for the year, is the two-day, two-night Scout Hike, where registered NSW Scout patrols lightweight hike between about 30 activity points (run by leaders) in a closed (to public) state forest. This year celebrated a 25-year milestone for this event.

Our first night of arrival was windy and cold, however the photo above of day break was to be perfect conditions to hike.

This year, 2nd Gordon Scout Hike patrols won 1 gold and 3 bronze places – well done to all.

We even tried to blast a Scout into space!

But the landing failed…

2nd Gordon and North St Ives ran a fun activity point with a Mars theme which included trivia, making an effigy ‘starman’ like Elon Musk did sending a Tesla car to space, and then firing their effigy attached to a water rocket.

Glenn explaining water rocket propulsion

Our activity point was very popular and processed over 150 patrols over two days.

Two days went fast! See below for a very short video of a water rocket being fired for the most part in slow motion – you can appreciate how fast these air and water powered rockets fly.

Video of Water Rocket – 5 seconds

Scouts Anzac Long Weekend Camp Apr 2018

2nd Gordon Scouts’ normal annual Easter camp was pushed out to the ANZAC long weekend to align with school holidays. This camp is our troop’s primary campcraft and traditional scouting venue over 5 days and 4 nights; and set upon a backdrop of bushland backing onto the Abercrombie River on private property.

Scouts are challenged with patrol related tasks, setting up a full camps including canvas sleeping quarters, kitchen dining areas with gadets and cooking over open fires.

Our Scouts had a belated Easter egg hunt using a navigation challenge, a night hike including navigation by the stars, 3 course competition dinner in ground camp ovens, and games.

Leaders cooked the troop’s first dinner with the now-famous two shovel chicken stir fry done on a huge steel sizzling hot plate.

Many Scouts also appreciated the opportunity to bond as patrols and a troop, and we had a few jokes, skits, and sharing stories around our large campfire.

See you all at our next big camp!

Break on the way to camp

Phil and Connor presented the Wood Badge Mar 2018

Phil and Connor are amongst four 2nd Gordon leaders completing their Advanced Leadership training to be recognised with the time-honoured Wood Badge.

This is the highest leader award, though learning and honing of skills that never really cease during a leader’s tenure.

Phil and Connor presented with the Wood Badge and Gilwell scarf

The Wood Badge is awarded on successful completion of specific training as well as a major project.

Ceremony included special commisioners Kevin Sewell and Faye Bowers

The badge is actually two wooden beads worn around the neck on a leather string. The ‘dove grey’ Gilwell scarf is worn on non-group special events, and signifies their membership in the internationally-recognised 1st Gilwell Scout Group. Two more presentations are to come soon for another two 2nd Gordon leaders.

Scouts in 3rd Place – District Raft Race Feb 2018

Congratulations to the 2nd Gordon Scout Troop who built a superb traditional raft able to float 13 Scouts around the race course at Narrabeen.

The rain stayed away for most of the morning, with wind creating some navigating challenges.

Third place is admirable; however 2nd Gordon Scouts couldn’t retain the First Place trophy they won last year. They will have to attempt it again next year.


Construction as usual for 2nd Gordon was top notch using traditional knots. Well done to all, and also our parent helpers who did a great job transporting and assisting on the day.

Scouts and Venturers support HCC and Leukaemia Research – Oct 2017

2nd Gordon and North St Ives Scouts, Venturers, parents and Leaders worked from Saturday 28th Oct afternoon through to well into Sunday morning past daybreak to support the 2nd Gordon Scouts-run Checkpoint India at Wisemans Ferry for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic race.



Each year, up to 450 participants test their endurance in the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and paddle up to 111km overnight to raise money for research by The Arrow Foundation.

2nd Gordon has run the site for well over 15 years including site logistics, checkpoint control, and check in and out of all paddlers to track their progress and safety.

Congratulations to our own Chris, Ric and Nicole on your achievements in the paddle!

Scout & Venturer Leaders progress Advanced Leadership Training Jul 2017

2nd Gordon Scout section leaders Glenn, Phil, Connor and Venturer leader Nicole have now completed 90% of their Advanced Leadership sectional training following a mix of comprehensive online training modules and about 18 hours of weekend practical training at the Baden Powell Scout Centre. They now only need to complete their final projects in their own time to complete the course (though learning will never really cease).


Scouts Air Activities Badge – Temora Jul 2017

A number of 2nd Gordon Scouts, along with leaders and parent helpers Simone, Mike (thanks!), visited the Temora air show and museum to complete the Scouts air activities badge work.


It was a fun and tremendously-packed weekend that included: meeting pilots, inspecting historic aircraft, watching demonstration flights of historic and extremely rare operational “warbird” aircraft including the famous British World War II Spitfire fighter that has actually seen combat, investing new Scouts into 2nd Gordon, cooking and camping, sharing stories around the campfire, building rubber-band aircraft and flying them, seeing a private small aircraft up close and personal to learn how it works, firing model rockets on a property, and best of all, solidifying friendships.


The overnight temperature hit a record low of minus 5.3 degrees, however everyone was warm through good planning and being well prepared for cold weather.


All Scouts got to take home a collectable coin from the air museum. The below link is a model rocket taking off.

Click here: Short Video of model rocket

New Invested Scouts – Temora Jul 2017

Congratulations to Kevin, and Cubs that have completed linking to our Scouts section Will S, and Aiden K who were invested into 2nd Gordon Scout Troop at a truly special location at Temora air museum alongside an operational and fully restored Supermarine Spitfire aircraft that has seen real air combat during World War II. Just half an hour earlier, our Scouts were observing this aircraft fly past the air strip before landing and providing us with a great investiture location alongside it. Thanks to Temora air museum for hosting us.

Scout from Czech Republic confronts rightwing demonstrator May 2017

16-year old Scout, Lucie Myslikova from Brno Czech Republic stands up to hatred at a neo-Nazi rally. Her hand-written banner read, “A good patriot doesn’t need to Heil”. The story was also posted by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement in support for values of diversity, peace, and understanding to create a better world.

Photograph: Vladimir Cicmanec

Read More …

2G Scouts win outright at Scout Hike May 2017

2nd Gordon Scout leaders and Venturer Scouts, along with the North St Ives leaders buddied up to run one of 28 activity points at this year’s Scout Hike 2017 (05-07 May). Located in a pine forest in the Southern Highlands, it was attended by over 1,000 Scouts and around 400 leaders and helpers. The theme was Historical Adventurers.

Picture perfect in the Southern Highlands

Congratulations to 2nd Gordon Wombats patrol led by PL Ed H. This was a remarkable result beating around 200 other patrols to win the annual event outright. Points are awarded for participation, being on time, achievement, teaming, leadership and much more.

Photo courtesy of Scouts SNR

Kooka’s patrol

Navigation Course

Sleep Point with portable water supply

Morning fires for cooking and warming up

Jezza looks a million dollars!

Good on everyone for a fantastic effort and our Wombats patrol for their outright victory!


Scouts Annual Easter Camp Apr 2017

2nd Gordon Scouts returned this year as a stronger, cohesive, and more competent troop after Easter camp. It was extended by an extra day to 4 nights away and located at a remote private bushland property backing onto Abercrombie River, a beautiful part of Australia. Weather was perfect as was early sunrise (below) on our first morning of camp.

Scouts competed to earn points while earning their Camp Craft and numerous proficiency badges, preparing meals in ground ovens, navigation, astronomy and much more. Below was a bearing corrected Sundial project.

The now-famous 2nd Gordon “Two-Shovel” stir fry (below).

We also invested our newest Scouts, Saarthak and Charlotte in a memorable location, and also presented numerous awards, including a Red Cord to Tierney, and Blue Cord to Tom L.

Good on Kanga’s Patrol (above) for winning the inaugural Buffalo Award for excellence in growth together as a Patrol during the camp, and Kooka’s (below) for winning the outright award for Easter Camp, scoring the most points. All Patrols scored very close this year.

Glenn started us off (below) telling us a wonderful story about the influence of his father at camps when he was a child, which was a great setting for every other Scout and leader to follow him with a personal yarn during our “Scouts Own”.

Troop Campfire night (below) and the art of marshmallow toasting…

Much growth, bonding and friendships are forged at this annual camp and leaders were left very proud of our Scout’s achievements. A big thank you to our terrific parent helpers this year who did a sterling job! This lean-to construction (below) was rebuilt by our parent helpers (and a few Scouts) and appreciated by our adopted camp canine, Jethro! Thank you also to Steve and Jan for providing this opportunity once again!

Scout Tom L Achieves Blue Cord Jan-Apr 2017


Congratulations to Tom L who led his patrol on a 20km overnight hike in a Central Coast national park in January and completed his final prerequisites during the recent annual 2nd Gordon Easter Camp where Tom was awarded his Explorers Blue Cord. Tom has done an exceptional job planning and executing his hike in unfamiliar territory, earning his Explorers badge requirements, and leading his Kookaburra’s Patrol to victory during Easter Camp.

The troop and the leadership team are very proud of Tom’s achievements!

Scouts win at District Raft Race Mar 2017

Congratulations to 2nd Gordon Scouts who won the outright trophy in the Traditional Raft construction category. With a number of Scouts from the troop away, a remarkable 7-only paddlers got the traditionally crafted 6 barrel raft back to shore the fastest after a Le Mans start and two laps around the marker buoy.

The Le Mans start

A beautiful day at Narrabeen Lake…

The Winners

Just cruising

This is the first time 2nd Gordon Scouts has won this plaque – well done to all!

Ian, Tiernan, Jono, Nicholas, Charlotte, Elena, Thomas, Supervisor Tom (hidden…) – to right, David Lister (Race organiser)


New Leaders invested to 2G group Jan 2017

Congratulations to both of our newest leaders, Connor Holmes (Scout Leader – far left in pic) and Tanya Fiedler (Cubs leader in final training – centre of pic). Both are professionals/executives who have already committed much of their time towards the Scouting community last year. They both have children at 2nd Gordon so get to share time with them in a great environment with the support of their fellow leaders. Leader profiles will be added to a new web page tab in near future. Next time you see Connor and Tanya, both will be wearing their one-of-a-kind tartan 2nd Gordon scarves and membership badges. Please support them supporting your children. [Photo apologies absent: Rod and Geoff from our Venturer Scout unit, and Rovers leaders].

Another Successful XMAS Tree Sale Dec 2016

2nd Gordon Scout Group had fantastic help from scouting families to sell Christmas trees at our annual sale we have run for many years. So, thanks to parents, leaders, and committee members for making another very successful Christmas tree sale and fundraiser.


Thank you to our customers and annual supporters within our local community and beyond. We even had one family come as far from the south of the Harbour Bridge, and it was great to see numerous customers continue with the Christmas tradition of coming into the hall to choose their tree as a family. We received an excellent quality crop this year thanks to a great relationship we have with the supplier, and excellent weather ideal for tree growth. The group had many more large trees this year due to the huge demand and sell-out last year within the first hour of sale.


Like every other year, 2nd Gordon provided care advice to prolong the life of the tree, car service, and delivery services.


Thanks Paola for designing our cool advertising flyer:

Christmas tree sale

2016 Christmas tree sale

Scouts achieve Anchor Badge Nov 2016


Congratulations to Oliver, Matthew, Zoe, Milly, Eddie, Edward, Nick, Ian, Tiernan, (and leaders Glenn and Phil), receiving their Level 2 Canoe proficiency and Scout anchor badge. The course ran for two weekends concluding this Sunday 06 Nov at Brisbane Water on the Central Coast. During stage 2 of the course this weekend, Scouts paddled over 23km (… some maybe a little more), sometimes into strong headwinds. Scouts to varying degrees, demonstrated their strength in trying things new, overcoming anxieties, giving it their best, and forming the general comradery that goes along with these meetings away from home. We’ll let the following pictures and descriptions tell the story…

Tierny, Milly, Zoe, Ian

Tierny, Milly, Zoe, Ian

Rafting together

Rafting together

Saturday lunch break stop

Saturday lunch break stop

Just hanging around...

Just hanging around…


… don’t turn your back on the ‘ocean’

Sunday sunrise at 1st Woy Woy Sea Scouts

Sunday sunrise at 1st Woy Woy Sea Scouts

Sunday morning briefing and calisthenics

Sunday morning briefing and calisthenics

Sunday lunch stop

Sunday lunch stop

Receiving their Level 2 Canoe certificates and Anchor badge

Receiving their Level 2 Canoe certificates and Anchor badge


Farewell of 7 Scouts to Venturers Nov 2016

Farewell Zoe, Finn, Milly, Eddie, Ben, James, and Declan (not pictured) from the 2nd Gordon Scouts section. We trust you have all learnt great skills, made friendships, and had life experiences that you can take further into Venturer Scouts. Despite how hard the leaders ‘worked’ you all, we are proud of your achievements. Best wishes as you move onwards and upwards!


Scouts’ successful support of HCC Oct 2016

During 29-30 October 2016, 2nd Gordon Scouts, along with leaders, committee members, parent helpers, Venturers and our Jamboree troop leader “Smokey” were united to run the major checkpoint of the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic (111km), Wiseman’s Ferry Checkpoint India; (65km mark).

img_5609 img_5613

The SES were also in attendance to provide radio and maritime support, as well as medical and physiotherapy support. There were approximately 500 competitors in 300+ vessels. The checkpoints are crucial to support the race safety so that paddlers can be closely tracked. Logistics to run check in, check out, tracking data, monitoring and safety oversight, boat ramp control, night lighting and signals, and land crew support vehicular parking were all well coordinated. During the peak of late Saturday evening the car park grounds and boat ramp were at maximum capacity.

img_5605 img_5606

The 2nd Gordon leadership team also had three competitors in the event, Ric Barnes, Nicole Bartels (Venturer Leader) and David Chenu (Cub Leader).


Venturer Leader – Nicole


Patrick and Cub Leader – David








Although a very long night for many that started setting up on Saturday afternoon and continued into the early hours of the morning until Sunday daybreak, it is admirable that our group including those Scouts that worked towards their Citizenship badge requirements, have contributed to the benefit of the wider community and The Arrow Foundation (Leukaemia research). Well done to all!


Sunday daybreak


Scouts L2 Canoe Course Update Oct 2016

Last weekend 22 and 23 October 2016, a sub-group of the 2nd Gordon Scout troop attended the first weekend of a two weekend Level 2 Canoe course at Manly Reservoir/Dam. The course was well run by certified Instructor Leaders with safety paramount throughout the course work. Scouts and two of our leaders braved the rather cold water, however all came good on day 2 when the sun came out. Some of the course included weather and water safety, boating knots, deep water rescue and retrieval, maritime navigation, and packing for overnight canoe trips. The course concludes next month requiring Scouts to log an overnight camp and canoe trip of several kilometres in more ‘open’ water, again accompanied by safety boats. Keep tabs on our web pages for more photos on completion of the overnight trip and course. It was especially great to see our Scouts enjoying their time together.


Pristine Manly Reservoir – only 25min from our Scout hall

Braving the cool weather on day 1

Braving the cool weather on day 1

Beautiful with the sun out!

Beautiful with the sun out!

Attending one of many course modules

Attending one of many course modules

2nd Gordon's six Canadian Canoes

2nd Gordon’s six Canadian Canoes

Deep water recovery training requiring canoes to be emptied of water and righted

Deep water recovery training requiring canoes to be emptied of water and righted

Single self rescue techniques

Single self-rescue techniques

How leaders would like to transport our Scouts at times...

How leaders would like to transport our Scouts at times…

Scouts to support Charity for the 15th year during Oct 2016

On 29-30 Oct 2016, 2nd Gordon Scouts shall be supporting the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic (111km), and new this year, the concurrent Wisemans Dash (65km). This year is the 40th anniversary for the charity event of which around 600 paddlers participate on a night paddle in kayaks and canoes along the Hawkesbury River. Glenn Brown, our group’s dedicated Scout Leader, along with a number of senior Scouts, Leaders and parents, has led the management of one of the course check points for the past 10 years. Last year the charity event raised $153,000 for The Arrow Foundation which does Leukaemia research and provides patient support services.


Scouts Australian Jamboree Jan 2016

The 24th Australian Jamboree (AJ2016) was held between 03 to 14 January 2016 at Cataract Scout Park, Appin NSW. It was attended by about 9,000 Australian Scouts/visiting overseas Scouts, and about 2,000 volunteer leaders. AJ is considered one of the greatest highlights of a Scout member’s life and Scout friendships and good memories are forged forever at major events such as AJ. 2nd Gordon had a combined contingency with another troop which became collectively known as Troop D626. There was a remarkably diverse group of Scouts in attendance. You can trust these Scouts are WAY better prepared for adventure after AJ2016!


Troop D626


Opening night


Try to spot our Scouts!

Scouts District Camp Results Sep 2016

District Camp (23-26 Sep 2016) located at Camp Ku-Ring-Gai was a great success. For many of the younger Scouts, this was their first large standing camp alongside the majority of Ku-Ring-Gai Scout troops. We took four patrols of 23 Scouts and four leaders to camp. It was fantastic to see our Scouts challenging themselves, doing their best, and having lots of fun together. A testament to our Scouts’ abilities, three of our four patrols were in the top three placings (with one outright winner) for the “Tame Bear Award” (Excellence in Traditional scouting skills, knots, gadgets); and the “Rusty Gates Award” (best gateway to a patrol’s campsite). Also good on Tom S. receiving the “Weary Dunlop Award” for our troop, received for working tirelessly and with good humour during the course of the camp, helping others, and upholding the Scout laws; And also Zoe O. as a runner up to the outright Patrol Leader Award. Activities included the Skit night around campfire, the Golden Boot touch rugby competition, Kart races, Flying Fox, Ballista, The Solar system, Slip and Slide, and the Competition Dinner. We also had our first Colour Run at District camp – inspired from cultural traditions and using environmentally-friendly and washable coloured powder, we managed to turn the district scouts into a colourful kaleidoscope – see the pictures!

img_2608img_5347 img_5349 img_5352 img_5356 img_5364 img_5367 img_5380 img_5386 img_5396 img_5401img_5412img_5423

Family Camp 2013

Pictures from the family camp