Cub Canoe Day at Narrabeen Lagoon – Feb 2021

After an ominous weather forecast for the weekend, we wake up to a sunny and warm morning for our Cub Canoe Day. Run by Paul from the North Harbour Water Base, this all-day activity gives the Cubs the opportunity to achieve the Outdoor Activity Skills “Padding” Stage 1 level and learn more about canoeing. After a safety briefing, the Cubs put on the PFDs (life jackets) and head into the water for the first activity.

The Cubs practice capsize drills, where they learn how to recover from a capsizing.

After morning tea, we’re off on our adventure. The Cubs were challenged with a 7km paddle, which took them all the way to the end of Narrabeen Lagoon for lunch… before paddling back!

The Cubs did a great job of paddling for almost four hours, as they passed under a bridge, circumvented the shallow sea-grass sections and (mostly) avoided any collisions!

There was relief (and a few sore arms) when the Cubs made it back to home base (Jamieson Park) to receive their badge!

It was a most successful and enjoyable day – a big thanks to Paul and his team for organising this activity.

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