Cub Pack fun at Camp Windeyer Nov 2016


We had nearly all of our Cubs at our Spring getaway to Camp Windeyer in Galston NSW during the weekend of 19-21 November 2016 – a wonderful turnout and participation. The weather was near perfect at this idyllic location. We arrived at our campsite after a short shallow water crossing on a punt on Friday evening.


The theme of the camp was Pirates and we included a mix of outdoor activities such as the Commando challenge course through mud and water.



Cub Pack fun at Camp Windeyer Nov 2016

Then we also enjoyed traditional scouting activities such as orienteering and rafting.


Senior Cubs, Jack R, Aiden K, Dom F, and Will S built the raft to an incredible Scouting standard with the help of leaders and parents. We look forward to their linking to the Scouts section next year.



We cannot achieve the wonderful outcomes such as this without our generous parent helpers and leaders that give up their weekends, and they find the enjoyment of participation as far as their commitment allows. Thank you to parents Richard R, Mike S, Gavin S, and Scout leader Jeremy. It is a validation of their time enjoyed as a pack and the adult supervisory team when they subsequently comment they would like to come along to the next camp!

The leaders Caroline, Phil, Tanya (our Cubs leader in training we shall formally announce in near future), and David (absent) are delighted to see every Cub doing their best at challenges, learning an abundance of new things, tightening friendships, and strengthening the pack. We see them develop alternative skills without electronics in hand.


A special thanks to Cameron, one of the volunteer leaders managing the site at Camp Windeyer. He currently commits two of his weekends a month managing the site so that other groups from around the country can come to enjoy it.


Could I please leave you all with a call for your support when you receive messages of help from our committee for events such as fundraising. All committee members and leaders are parents just like yourselves, with full-time employment and endless commitments. Without your support, these events simply cannot happen. We are a volunteer group where a large proportion of your fees that only pay insurance and sustaining activities, and the rest hangs upon “every”, rather than some families supporting the 2nd Gordon Scout group. Please come along if you haven’t participated for some time; we promise to welcome you and embrace your child’s growth with our group!