Dylan’s Grey Wolf Hike – Mar 2019

The Grey Wolf is the highest award a Cub Scout can achieve, requiring additional activities be undertaken by the Cubs. One of these activities is to lead an “adventurous journey” – which for the Cub Scout section generally means a bushwalk.

This undertaking is designed to test the Cub Scout not only the practical skills they’ve learnt through the scouting movement, but also to demonstrate their initiative in organising and executing an outdoor activity with minimal parental or Leader involvement. As with all scouting activities under our new program, the activity involves planning, doing – and reviewing.


The first step in any activity is the planning stage, and Dylan produced a very comprehensive bushwalk overview PDF to help the other cubs with what to bring and where to meet. He selected the Resolute Beach Loop, and researched additional things to do along the walk.


Despite the overcast weather, we set-off from West Head lookout in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. After a teeny bit of prompting, Dylan points to the correct path, having decided in consultation with his group that they would do the loop in a counter-clockwise direction.

It’s a slightly unnerving experience watching the Cubs set-off down the trail… Although we are shadowing the Cubs and they are always in sight (or at least in earshot, which for our Cubs is about 4km!!), this is about the Cubs making decisions. A conscious effort is needed to adapt to their pace let them decide when to have a break and allow them to work out the correct route…

The first stop and snack break is the Red Hands Cave, where the Cubs look at the Aboriginal handprints and make some sketches.

The next stop is the picturesque and almost deserted Resolute Beach, opposite Barrenjoey Head.

While we keep an eye on the Cubs from the shelter of a sandstone overhang (it’s finally started to rain), the Cubs play a game of beach cricket.

Dylan's Grey Wolf Hike - Mar 2019

Dylan does a great job in getting the Cubs packed and back onto the track after an extended break, for the last section along the coast to West Head Beach, and then up to the carpark. There’s an old WWII embankment just off the track, which makes for another brief photo stop and discussion.


The last part of any activity is the review – what went well, what didn’t work and what could be improved. Dylan asked everyone for their thoughts, so he could reflect on his walk and provide some feedback to the Cub Leaders. Overall, Dylan did a fabulous job leading the bushwalk and keeping his group together, and some of his ideas (like bringing walkie talkies) we will use on future walks. He also had some great suggestions for improvements that will help the next Cubs who are doing their Grey Wolf bushwalk.

Dylan's Grey Wolf Hike - Mar 2019