Here is a list of frequently asked questions with responses

Who are the main contacts ?

Section Leaders

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Joeys Leader
Gabrielle Oslington: gabrielle.oslington@nsw.scouts.com.au

Cub Leader
Oliver Descoeudres: 0401 772 759 or oliver.descoeudres@nsw.scouts.com.au

Scout Leader
Phil Kwok: phil.kwok@nsw.scouts.com.au

Glenn Brown: 0411 438 833 or glenn.brown@nsw.scouts.com.au

Venturer Leader
Nicole Bartels: 0429 790 608 or nicole.bartels@nsw.scouts.com.au

Rover Crew Leader
Luke Barnett: luke.barnett@nsw.scouts.com.au

Group Leader
Connor Holmes: 0401 717 848 or connor.holmes@nsw.scouts.com.au

For information about membership and activities, please contact the section leaders. Contact the group leader as a second point of contact if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Group Committee

The Group Committee is responsible for managing the group’s finances, looking after the hall and equipment, and organising fundraising and social events.

Val du Pre le Roux: valerie.dupreleroux@nsw.scouts.com.au

John Allinson: john.allinson@nsw.scouts.com.au or treasurer@gordonscouts.com.au

Website enquiries

What are the ages and times for each section

Sections typically operate to coincide with NSW Public School terms. There may be activities during holidays, or there may be term-time evenings where activities are away from the hall. If you would like to visit, please reach out via the contact details provided first.

Joeys – age 5 to 8, Thursday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Cubs – age 8 to 12, Monday from 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Scouts – age 11 to 15, Friday from 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Venturers – age 14 to 18, Wednesday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Rovers – age 18 to 26, Tuesday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Other Scout Resources
Where can I buy uniforms?
Uniform items, other than the scarf, can be purchased by ordering online here

The Group has sample size shirts for youth to try on if you need to determine the correct size. You do not need to buy badges – these will be provided at investiture.

Scouts NSW is an eligible provider of the Active Kids rebate. From 31 January 2018, parents and carers of school-aged children in Scouts can receive a $100 voucher to go towards covering membership fees for the calendar year. More information can be found at the Scouts NSW page here.

A large proportion of fees go to the Scout Association to cover organisation costs and member insurance. The remainder is used by the Group to fund hall insurance and maintenance, power and water bills, purchase of equipment for weekly activities and camps, badges etc.

Invoices are sent out to all families in March for payment of annual fees – charged in advance from April to March the following year. Non-payment of fees may result in suspension from activities as your child is not covered under Scout Association’s insurance policies.

If you are having difficulties paying fees on time, please contact the Group Leader to discuss your situation and potential options. As a community group we do not want any child to miss out scouting for financial reasons.

You can find out more, and payment details, here.

Where do I put badges on my uniform?

You can also ask your leader if you need any clarification

Can I hire the scout hall ?
Yes please see here