Isabella’s Grey Wolf hike – July 2020

Isabella's Grey Wolf hike - July 2020My Grey Wolf walk was the section of the Great North Walk from Mount Kuring-Gai to Berowra. It was 10.56km long and the elevation gain was 306m.

The people who I led on the walk were Grace, Amalia, Charlotte, Sina, Kira, Syssy, Chris and my Mum, Tanya. We started on the 12th of July at around 10 am and finished off at about 2:30 pm. The track started on Glenview Road at Mount Kuring Gai. We walked along the Benowie Walking Track and went up the mountain until we reached the Berkley Trail. We went right along the Berkley Trail until we got to Crowley road in Berowra, which is where we stopped and drove home. The weather was cool and windy, and we thought it was going to rain, so we brought rain jackets and non-cotton pants, but we were very lucky, because just as we finished the walk it started to sprinkle, and then rain.

I navigated the way with a compass and two maps. The two maps were because the walk continued off the Hornsby map and kept going on the Cowan map! This was annoying, but at least it worked. The compass was very useful when I wanted to know which path to take or if we were going in the right direction.

My favourite part was at the saltmarsh. This is a type of marsh that has lots of salt in it from the sea and provides a unique habitat for many animals. we had to cross it, so luckily there was a boardwalk that went across the big marsh. It looked like a giant field of long grass, but if you went up close you could see that the soil was actually all mud. It felt so cool walking across the flat saltmarsh landscape when everything else around me was steep and rock with lots of hills and cliffs everywhere.

From far away it looked like the people who were walking across the boardwalk were actually just walking around in the grass, and at first I thought that they were being very silly and were going to get bitten by a spider or a snake living in that long grass, but then I discovered that it was a saltmarsh and there was a boardwalk. It looked very beautiful. The funny thing was that there was just a lone tree right in the middle of the saltmarsh. We stopped for lunch there. When we were walking across the board walk to the other side, I saw a bright red dragonfly.

I would do this walk again, and I recommend it to you because it was very beautiful, and I enjoyed it very much. The cliff next to the saltmarsh had trees, plants, grass, and roots of all sorts sticking out of it. It felt wonderful to look up at it. Next time, if there was the same amount of people or more coming, I would bring even more extra water, because by the end the extra water had ran out and I still could have drunk more. This means an extra bottle or something like that to make sure no-one goes thirsty.