Leader Profiles

Welcome to the 2nd Gordon Leader Profiles

As you may appreciate, Leaders are a mix or combination of volunteers, youth member’s parents, professionals, and people just like ‘you’. Many leaders started as parent helpers and not necessarily Scouts all their life. In fact many are not, and have accumulated the necessary skills through a mix of online and practical training. All practising 2nd Gordon Scout Group leaders are trained according to current child protection policies and have Working With Children clearances that include a NSW Police background audit. In addition, we take the protection of children’s welfare seriously, and believe all youth are a ‘canvas’ and opportunity to assist in their development.

Leadership is a positive personal challenge, learning journey, and one that countless youth can benefit from what each of us can bring from our wealth and wisdom of personal experience to the Scouting movement. Below are the diverse profiles of the 2nd Gordon leaders which forms our collective strength and friendship as a team. If you are interested in helping or one day contributing to Scouts as a leader, contact one of the leaders below, our group leader in charge, or make an enquiry at the “Contact Us” tab above.

Cub Pack leaders:


  • My Scout Name: Kaa (Jungle Book Theme) or “Cal”
  • My Scout Role: Cub Leader
  • My Daily Work: I work for Brasserie Bread. My role is to promote and sell a variety of sourdough breads and pastries.
  • Personal Interests: Cooking
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: Having three of four kids still in Scouts, my husband recommended I become a leader and have never looked back.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: On my first Cub camp, my daughter dropped my car remote and key in the water (river). David Chenu (Cub leader) jumped off the barge and managed to retrieve them before sinking!


  • My Scout Name: Raksha (Jungle Book theme)
  • My Scout Role: Cub Leader
  • My Daily Work: Lecturer, Discipline of Accounting, Sydney Uni. My research area is Carbon/Greenhouse gas accounting.
  • Personal Interests: Rock climbing, Bush walking, Politics.
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: Children in Cubs got me into it / Getting to know Cubs and seeing them grow and develop.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: Having my tent (fully constructed, but unpegged) get picked up like a kite by the wind to then land in the middle of a Blackberry Bush!

Oliver (newly invested photo coming soon!)

  • My Scout Name: Baloo (Jungle Book theme)
  • My Scout Role: Cub Leader
  • My Daily Work: I work as a Marketing Director for an IT services company.
  • Personal Interests: Photography and hiking (preferably both combined).
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: When my son joined Cubs, I thought it was a good opportunity to learn some new skills – and I’m glad I made the decision as it’s great seeing the kids develop and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: I’m sure there will be many more in future, but so far leading my first Cubs hike, culminating in the first Cub investiture I attended where the Grand Howl echoed down the length of Middle Harbour…

  • My Scout Name: Toby
  • My Scout Role: Cub Leader in training.
  • My Daily Work: Founder and Technical Director of iOn Sport.
  • Personal Interests: Rock climbing, Hiking, Photography.
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: I followed my children into Scouting. I grew up on a property ‘off the grid’ and want to provide our children with similar outdoor practical skills and experiences.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: Attended the (2nd Gordon) Scouts Easter Camp which was a great experience as well as an introduction how Scouts operates. I aim to bring and replicate more of the Scout philosophy into Cubs.

  • My Scout Name:
  • My Scout Role: New Cub Leader in training
  • My Daily Work:
  • Personal Interests:
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting:
  • Memorable Scouting Moment:

Scout Troop leaders:

Glenn Brown

  • My Scout Name: Glenn
  • My Scout Role: Scout Leader, Wood Badge
  • My Daily Work: Chief Financial Officer, Financial Manager, Consultant
  • Personal Interests: Cooking, Electronics, Cycling, Gadgets
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: Was a Cub and Scout in country Victoria. Got my son into Cubs and I wanted to assist leaders and quickly joined as I remembered the enjoyment I had in Scouts. Love the outdoors and challenges you can give youth to build their skills and the enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: After the Scouts successfully built platforms 2 metres above the ground, an over-enthusiastic Scout wanting to climb up swung his knee past my face breaking my nose, leaving blood everywhere over the hall floor…

Phil (JP for NSW)

  • My Scout Name: Quokka (yep, after the world’s happiest Marsupial)
  • My Scout Role: Scout Leader, Wood Badge (previously Cub section Leader)
  • My Daily Work: Director for a biomedical company specialising in customised medical technology such as orthopaedic joints (hips/knees) and sleep apnea interfaces.
  • Personal Interests: Fixing broken stuff, welding, mechatronics, DIY, cars/4WDs/Boats/engines etc.
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: My daughter was in Cubs and wrote me a letter asking me to be a leader so we can spend more time together. There’s only one answer to a 9 year old… the rest is history. I love the fact that leaders partake in developmental aspects to open youth’s eyes and ears to opportunities that otherwise cannot be gained at school or home. My last appointment was Akela – Cubs leader while concurrent as Scouts leader for a few years, however now focus on Scouts.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: During my Bushwalking skills training in Northern NSW, I was one of a ‘handful’ wanting to sleep in a tent in gale force winds (no trees) to complete the training module. Only three tents survived the night; two broke; I hardly slept that night!


  • My Scout Name: Connor (surprise!)
  • My Scout Role: Scout Leader, Wood Badge
  • My Daily Work: Director of Strategy for a company that develops support programs for patients with various health conditions.
  • Personal Interests: Scouting, bushwalking, environmental issues, reading.
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: My kids joined, and I did too. I was in Cubs and Scouts as a kid, and loved it when I did it.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: Handling an irate customer (over the phone) who was stranded in an airport in Canada, while I was deep in a NSW forest and dressed in a dinosaur costume. We were staffing a Scout Hike activity station.


  • My Scout Name: Jezza
  • My Scout Role: Scout Leader
  • My Daily Work: Executive partner for one of the largest and successful premium catalogue publishing companies in Australia. I work between Australia and China.
  • Personal Interests: Consuming Tabasco, enjoying time in the country
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: I’m married to a leader and have four children in most sections of Scouts so knew I was going to be here for a while. Love of children from all walks of life.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: (Too many to list – however Jezza has an unique ability to keep mosquitos away at camp through snoring. Jezza is also actually an Asian trapped in an Aussie body as he spends a lot of his work time in China and loves the Chinese culture – Editor)


  • My Scout Name: “Smokey”
  • My Scout Role: Scout Leader (previously Cub, Scouts, and Venturer Leader in other regions)
  • My Daily Work: EA; also qualified Dentist (retired)
  • Personal Interests:
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting:
  • Memorable Scouting Moment:

  • My Scout Name: Ian-Ross Macdonald
  • My Scout Role: Scout Leader in training
  • My Daily Work:
  • Personal Interests:
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting:
  • Memorable Scouting Moment:

Venturer Unit leaders:

  • My Scout Name: Nicole
  • My Scout Role: Venturer section Leader; Wood Badge
  • My Daily Work: General Manager – Pre-cast concrete industry
  • Personal Interests: Anything in the outdoors, but in particular kayaking (white water and sea), canyoning, cycling, abseiling, caving, camping, generally having adventures.
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: I have been in Scouting my whole life. It was my introduction to adventurous activities and the things I am still passionate about. As a leader, I love introducing youth members to the outdoor activities I feel passionate about.


  • My Scout Name: Ian
  • My Scout Role: Venturer Leader
  • My Daily Work: Spacecraft Engineer
  • Personal Interests: Cycling
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: My 3 kids went through Scouts. I love watching the Scouts develop from young kids to well adjusted adults. I hope I have had a positive influence on their development.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment:


  • My Scout Name: Geoff
  • My Scout Role: Venturer Leader and Sydney North Region Rockcraft Team
  • My Daily Work: Farmer (grazier), Merino wool production and Angus cattle. Nature of work – going broke slowly!
  • Personal Interests: Farming, Traveling, Abseiling, Canyoning, Caving, Bushwalking. I really enjoy working and hopefully mentoring the Venturers as they develop into young adults with strong outdoor and community involvement. (I am sure Nicole will ‘kill’ me for not including kayaking!).
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: My son when he joined Scouts. And all the things I mentioned above.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: Not for publication!


  • My Scout Name: Kate
  • My Scout Role: Venturer Leader
  • My Daily Work: Student – UTS Environmental Science
  • Personal Interests: Art, Ultimate Frisbee, SCUBA
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: Participating in Rovers; the outdoors focus.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment:

Rover Crew leader:

David Richards

  • My Scout Name: Dave
  • My Scout Role: Rover Crew Leader
  • My Daily Work: Student and Handyman
  • Personal Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, Outdoors, cars, DIY (wood and metal), model railway.
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: Can’t get enough of the outdoors, challenges me, learn and improve skills I enjoy using opportunities I wouldn’t find anywhere else with friends.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment:

Group Leader-In-Charge:

  • My Scout Name: Chris
  • My Scout Role: Leader In Charge (2nd Gordon Scout Group); RA 2nd Gordon Rovers; Wood Badge
  • My Daily Work: Project Manager
  • Personal Interests: Scouting, Caving, Canyoning, Camping
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leader, lifetime pursuit. Enjoy the friendship, challenge, value.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: Tricked the Scouts into believing an Alien spaceship had landed on the next ridge on a camp using a Cyalume glow stick after dark. The belief of the Scouts and how worried they became was infectious ad hilarious!
Group Advisor:

Dr Richard Barnes QS

  • My Scout Name: Ric Barnes
  • My Scout Role: Kayak advisor
  • My Daily Work: Structural Engineer
  • Personal Interests: Kayaking and adventure racing. Have kayaked around the world: marathon, whitewater, river and ocean. Have also kayaked across Bass Strait and around Tasmania. Dreaming to kayak to New Zealand.
  • Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: Started as a Cub at 2nd Gordon. Went through Scouts and Jamboree in Adelaide. Onto Venturers, and then into 2G scout leading. 2G had a Corsair sailing dinghy which we raced on Narrabeen Lakes.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: On my first ever kayak trip as a 2G Venturer, on the Macquarie River, I holed my fibreglass canoe. On the second trip, I holed another canoe, and was banned from the next canoe adventure. Things have improved since then!
Support Leader:

Dr Stephen James Craven PhD

  • My Scout Name: Steve
  • My Scout Role: Support Leader, Rovers Advisor, previously Scout Leader and Leader-in-Charge
  • My Daily Work: Manager – Minerals Processing Unit, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Macquarie University. Geologist – Geological research, Rock and mineral preparation for analysis and research.
  • Personal Interests: Downhill skiing, sailing, yachting
    Introduction to Scouts/Love of Scouting: I have two sons, Ben and Luke and a daughter Sarah. I got into Scouting with the intent to give them the best adolescent development I could and to spend quality time with them in doing so. I believe that the outcome of this intent was most successful. It is my belief that Scouting is about adolescent development and building interpersonal skills through enhancing self awareness and a healthy self esteem. The activities Scouts get involved in are just tools to achieve this. Scouting is eminently successful in achieving these aims. What I loved about Scouts was to see the strong relationships develop and bloom under my tutelage, in particular, in the shy and inhibited Scouts.
  • Memorable Scouting Moment: The evening of the green light… (more to this…)