Leader Profiles

As you may appreciate, Leaders are a mix or combination of volunteers, youth member’s parents, professionals, and people just like you. Many leaders started as parent helpers and not necessarily Scouts all their life. In fact many are not, and have accumulated the necessary skills through a mix of online and practical training. Leadership is a great personal challenge and learning journey and one that countless youth can benefit from what each of us can bring to the Scouting movement. Below are the profiles of 2nd Gordon leaders. If you are interested in helping or one day contributing to Scouts as a leader, contact one of the leaders below, our group leader in charge, or make an enquiry in the “Contact Us” tab above.

Cub Pack leaders:



Caroline (“Kaa”)


Oliver (Leader in training)










Scout Troop leaders:

Glenn Brown


Phil (“Quokka”)




Jeremy (“Jezza”)


Venturer Unit leaders:

Nicole Bartels










Rover Crew leader:

  • David Richards


Group Leader-In-Charge:

Chris Stanley


Group Advisor:

  • Ric Barnes

Support Leaders:

  • Dr Steve Craven


David (“Hathi”) QS (On Leave)