Leader Projects

A bunch of our projects below that leaders created for the benefit of the group and/or district. Most follow the Scouting practices of being thrifty and resourceful…

Scouts construction pole racking, welded using 100% scrap metal lying around the hall

New 2nd Gordon “Caving Challenge” apparatus. Left replicates the original below; the slightly larger one on the right for older members. MIG welded in Duragal and painted black above ground. (Oct 2017)

The original Wee Jasper park “caving challenge” (was installed by Facilities; disappeared some years ago; not a 2nd Gordon project)

Glenn and Phil with six new fire pits from recycled drums (Sep 2017)

Plasma cutting new fire pits from old drums (Sep 2017)

Scout leaders create lifesize TellieTubby! (with Connor Aug 2017)

Swedish Fire Torch – 2nd Gordon Annual Scouts Easter Camp 2017

Standing camp hot water service made from decommissioned beer kegs, with tapware, and custom MIG welded steel stand that also supports and fits both small or large gas rings

Pterodactyl Heads custom MIG welded in Aluminium originally for use as ballista targets at Scout Hike 2016

Recycled plastic drums coupled to log frames, axles and wooden wheel pegs to create “Flintstones” cars that Scouts could build and race at Scout Hike 2016

Water rocket launcher with adjustable launch trajectory (see the short video in the Cubs photo gallery)

Human “Hungry Hippo” roller dollies

Recycled tin used to create mud oven liners. Scouts construct the ground ovens and successfully cook delicious two-course meals in these!

Cubs Grey Wolf Award plaque, following on from the previous Yellow Cord award

Cubs Derby Car gravity race track

If you’re a person who is a little crafty, a natural ‘scout’, like making things, enjoy showing people how to do things, or want to participate in youth development including your own children, it sounds like you would make a great leader. Even if you don’t have some of these skills, Scouts provides a friendly environment to learn from each other. Many leaders become long-term friends, provide support and help between them outside of Scouting. Get in touch with a leader one evening to chat or click on the Contact Us page. Every leader will have an interesting story how they started in Scouting as a parent before they became a leader parent…