Nico’s Grey Wolf Hike – May 2022

One of the last activities undertaken by Cub Scouts doing their “Grey Wolf” Peak Award is an adventurous journey – usually a bushwalk, which the Cub must plan and lead themselves. Nico chose a walk from the St Ives Wildflower Garden to St Ives Showground, a distance of about 10.5km.

As part of the Scouting “Plan, Do, Review” approach, Nico also reviewed his bushwalk after it was competed.

How my walk went

My walk went well, but it was really muddy in some parts and slippery in others.

What I could have done better

I could have printed a map to follow so that I did not have to use my phoen as much.

What went well

We had no injuries, no losses, enough water and enough food and snacks.

Thanks to David and Sarah for supporting the bushwalk.

Nico's Grey Wolf Hike - May 2022