2nd Gordon Scouts – Resources

This page provides resources developed by the 2nd Gordon Scout Group, or that we’ve found to be useful for the scouting journey.


There are a range of knots that Scouts need to know to complete their campcraft requirements. These are commonly used for construction work and activities such as climbing and building gadgets.

There is no substitute for grabbing a piece of rope and giving it a go. Don’t worry if the knots don’t stick – keep ‘learning by doing’ more knots!

A quick poll amongst 2G Leaders showed that our preferred website is (Knots by Grog), and the preferred app is Grog Knots. The demonstrations and narrations are clear and can be paused to check each step. The app has the advantage of being available without mobile phone coverage.

ResourcesFor iPhone: Link

For Android: Link

Acknowledgement: Most of the videos are linked from the Grog Knots website, with some exceptions (listed). The website provides more history and information about each knot, as well as rope, and is highly recommended: Link

This page lists knots required for the Scout Section Award Scheme, including Scoutcraft, Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer knots.

Scoutcraft Knots

Pioneer Campcraft Knots

Explorer Campcraft Knots

Adventurer Campcraft Knots

Other Knots