Other Knots

These knots are useful, or are used when completing other knots for Campcraft:

  • Crown Knot: Used to start a backsplice. It secures the end of the rope before the individual strands are spliced back through the braid.

  • Timber Hitch: A simple knot used to start a diagonal lashing. It can also used for hauling poles but beware that it is not very secure.

  • Rolling Hitch: Used to secure guy lines on a tent. Often tied incorrectly, the rolling hitch should be kept tight, but allows guy lines to be easily adjusted. Don’t be afraid to retie it when needed – it’s easy once you get the hang of it! The video is titled the Midshipman’s Hitch, but this is the correct Scout method for a rolling hitch.

  • Alpine Butterfly Loop: Used to form a loop, to shorten a rope, or as the ratcheting loop for a Trucker’s Hitch.