Scout Hike – May 2018

One of the Scouts’ premier events for the year, is the two-day, two-night Scout Hike, where registered NSW Scout patrols lightweight hike between about 30 activity points (run by leaders) in a closed (to public) state forest. This year celebrated a 25-year milestone for this event.

Our first night of arrival was windy and cold, however the photo above of day break was to be perfect conditions to hike.

This year, 2nd Gordon Scout Hike patrols won 1 gold and 3 bronze places – well done to all.

We even tried to blast a Scout into space!

But the landing failed…

2nd Gordon and North St Ives ran a fun activity point with a Mars theme which included trivia, making an effigy ‘starman’ like Elon Musk did sending a Tesla car to space, and then firing their effigy attached to a water rocket.

Glenn explaining water rocket propulsion

Our activity point was very popular and processed over 150 patrols over two days.

Two days went fast! See below for a very short video of a water rocket being fired for the most part in slow motion – you can appreciate how fast these air and water powered rockets fly.

Video of Water Rocket – 5 seconds