Scouts Air Activities Badge – Temora Jul 2017

A number of 2nd Gordon Scouts, along with leaders and parent helpers Simone, Mike (thanks!), visited the Temora air show and museum to complete the Scouts air activities badge work.


It was a fun and tremendously-packed weekend that included: meeting pilots, inspecting historic aircraft, watching demonstration flights of historic and extremely rare operational “warbird” aircraft including the famous British World War II Spitfire fighter that has actually seen combat, investing new Scouts into 2nd Gordon, cooking and camping, sharing stories around the campfire, building rubber-band aircraft and flying them, seeing a private small aircraft up close and personal to learn how it works, firing model rockets on a property, and best of all, solidifying friendships.


The overnight temperature hit a record low of minus 5.3 degrees, however everyone was warm through good planning and being well prepared for cold weather.


All Scouts got to take home a collectable coin from the air museum. The below link is a model rocket taking off.

Click here: Short Video of model rocket