Scouts Annual Easter Camp Apr 2017

2nd Gordon Scouts returned this year as a stronger, cohesive, and more competent troop after Easter camp. It was extended by an extra day to 4 nights away and located at a remote private bushland property backing onto Abercrombie River, a beautiful part of Australia. Weather was perfect as was early sunrise (below) on our first morning of camp.

Scouts competed to earn points while earning their Camp Craft and numerous proficiency badges, preparing meals in ground ovens, navigation, astronomy and much more. Below was a bearing corrected Sundial project.

The now-famous 2nd Gordon “Two-Shovel” stir fry (below).

We also invested our newest Scouts, Saarthak and Charlotte in a memorable location, and also presented numerous awards, including a Red Cord to Tierney, and Blue Cord to Tom L.

Good on Kanga’s Patrol (above) for winning the inaugural Buffalo Award for excellence in growth together as a Patrol during the camp, and Kooka’s (below) for winning the outright award for Easter Camp, scoring the most points. All Patrols scored very close this year.

Glenn started us off (below) telling us a wonderful story about the influence of his father at camps when he was a child, which was a great setting for every other Scout and leader to follow him with a personal yarn during our “Scouts Own”.

Troop Campfire night (below) and the art of marshmallow toasting…

Much growth, bonding and friendships are forged at this annual camp and leaders were left very proud of our Scout’s achievements. A big thank you to our terrific parent helpers this year who did a sterling job! This lean-to construction (below) was rebuilt by our parent helpers (and a few Scouts) and appreciated by our adopted camp canine, Jethro! Thank you also to Steve and Jan for providing this opportunity once again!