Scouts’ successful support of HCC Oct 2016

During 29-30 October 2016, 2nd Gordon Scouts, along with leaders, committee members, parent helpers, Venturers and our Jamboree troop leader “Smokey” were united to run the major checkpoint of the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic (111km), Wiseman’s Ferry Checkpoint India; (65km mark).

img_5609 img_5613

The SES were also in attendance to provide radio and maritime support, as well as medical and physiotherapy support. There were approximately 500 competitors in 300+ vessels. The checkpoints are crucial to support the race safety so that paddlers can be closely tracked. Logistics to run check in, check out, tracking data, monitoring and safety oversight, boat ramp control, night lighting and signals, and land crew support vehicular parking were all well coordinated. During the peak of late Saturday evening the car park grounds and boat ramp were at maximum capacity.

img_5605 img_5606

The 2nd Gordon leadership team also had three competitors in the event, Ric Barnes, Nicole Bartels (Venturer Leader) and David Chenu (Cub Leader).


Venturer Leader – Nicole


Patrick and Cub Leader – David








Although a very long night for many that started setting up on Saturday afternoon and continued into the early hours of the morning until Sunday daybreak, it is admirable that our group including those Scouts that worked towards their Citizenship badge requirements, have contributed to the benefit of the wider community and The Arrow Foundation (Leukaemia research). Well done to all!


Sunday daybreak