25th Australian Scouts Jamboree SA (AJ2019)

The 25th Australian Scouts Jamboree will be held in South Australia on 04-13 January 2019. There is a massive amount of planning for this major event every three years in Australia.

AJ is considered one of the greatest experiences during youth membership to Scouting and available to those that are Scout section age at the time of AJ2019. It is expected around 10,000 Scouts from Australia and some other nations will attend along with around 2,000 leaders. 2nd Gordon Scout troop will have a contingent attend so look out for and support the upcoming fundraising events in near future.

25th Australian Scouts Jamboree SA (AJ2019)

The Bend Motorsport Park South Australia – future site for AJ2019

Refer to website links below for more detailed information.

NOTE: As of early September 2018, all attending Scouts’ parents have been provided a Facebook link to follow our regular planning information leading up to AJ2019 and also daily updates while Troop B548 are at Jamboree.

Additional FAQs:

1. When is the first parent’s information night?

The first parent’s Jamboree presentation night for 2nd Gordon members will be held on Friday 01 Dec 2017.

2. What are the actual days 2nd Gordon Scouts depart and return to Sydney?

All 9,000 Scouts arrive at Tailem Bend South Australia on Fri 04 Jan 2019 and depart on Sun 13 Jan 2019. Coach/bus pick up and drop off times are not yet available (usually from Bicentennial Park, West Pymble), however estimates place Sydney departure sometime on Thu 03 Jan 2019 and leave SA on Mon 14 Jan 2019 and will return to Sydney Tue 15 Jan 2019.

3. What is the Shakedown Camp before AJ2019?

During mid-October 2018, there will be 2 nights away locally in Sydney for a “Shakedown Camp” with the troop members attending AJ2019, which is an essential practice camp prior to heading to South Australia. It provides a means to socialise and prepare for AJ2019.

4. Can families visit their Scout at AJ2019 South Australia?

Yes, families can make a short holiday or trip out of their visit to South Australia including one day at AJ2019; Super Saturday (visitors day) is 12 January 2019 which will need to be booked as we get closer which allows family members to visit and experience the Jamboree site, share time with their Scout/s and visiting Cubs usually get a fun pack.

5. What does it cost for Scouts to attend?

A total of $1,855 all inclusive including transport by coach. Payable in three instalments, $570 (16 Mar 2018 along with application; $645 (31 July), and $640 (30 Sep). Payment are made online. Cost structure is different for Venturers, Rovers, and adult leaders. More detailed information is available through the applications website.

For more information targeted at parents and Scouts, especially in preparation for AJ2019, use the Patrol Tent website link below:

Patrol Tent AJ2019 – click here

Official AJ2019 Website (including applications) – click here