Spring Cub Camp – Oct 2019

Day 1: we put up tents and toast marshmallows

Despite the forecast of a wet weekend, 18 hardy Cubs headed off to Cataract Scout Park for our Spring Camp. A break in the rain allowed our Cubs to put up their tents, which they managed with minimal adult help… before retreating to the shed for some marshmallows by the fire.

Day 2: we learn some new skills in the morning…

The weather is overcast on our second day, but after some heavy overnight rain there’s some respite in the morning. Almost all the Cubs survived the night – a couple have retreated to the dormitory after a leak in their tent. After breakfast, we break up into smaller groups to brush up on some of our core outdoor skills…

1. Navigation

Armed with a compass, the Cubs create a basic compass around the bush, with a “hidden treasure” at the end. The groups then try and follow each other’s trails.

2. Cooking

Always a favourite activity, the Cubs make damper, cooking it over the campfire.

3. Bush Shelters

Utilising different “construction techniques”, each Cub group collects sticks and branchs, to build a basic shelter.

4. First Aid

From dealing with cuts and bruises to tying an arm bandage, the Cubs brush up on their First Aid skils.

…and have some fun in the afternoon!

To the untrained eye, our afternoon’s activity could look more like a forced march through a dangerous obstacle course than fun. But to the Cubs, Challenge Valley is one of the highlights of our Camp as the Cubs climb over obstacles, swing into pools, clamber through water-filled pipes and stomp through muddy puddles. They end up very wet and cold – and surprisingly happy!

We finish the day with two investitures

We finish our second day by investing Will and Parker, two of our newest Cubs. They make their Cub Scout promise and are welcomed to the 2nd Gordon Cub pack with a rowdy cry of 1-2-3 WOLF under a moonlit sky.

The day is not quite finished… before retiring to their tents, our exhausted Cubs enjoy some marshmallows – and iceblocks – by the campfire. It’s been a great day!

Day 3: we head underground as the sun comes out

It’s a cold but sunny morning on our final day, as we wake to a cloudless sky. A couple of Cubs volunteer to cook breakfast for us – and others take advantage of the last opportunity to poke sticks in the fire. (If there was an Olympic event for running around with burning sticks, the 2nd Gordon Cubs would be contenders for a world record…!)

The highlight of Day 3 is the Caving Adventure, with the Cubs heading underground and squeezing through some tight passages as they explore the natural caves at Cataract.

Then it’s time to pack up the tents, clean up the site and have a debrief with the Cubs before we head home. The verdict: a great camp, but next time more activities – and more mud!

A huge thanks to Justeen and Shane (who ran the activities) at Cataract Scout Park – and to David, Simon, Garry, Rick and John – our Parent Helpers who helped run the activities and ensure everything went smoothly.