Another Stony Creek Cleanup – Nov 2019

It’s exactly a year after our last clean-up of Stony Creek in Gordon, and the area around our Scout Hall. This activity is back by popular demand from the Cubs, who are excited about what they might find this time. Last year we ended up with an abandoned bicycle, a shopping trolley, an office chair – and many bags of garbage.

After scouring the creek and bush, the competition is on for who has managed to collect the most garbage… Anna and her patrol have a strong claim for bragging rights, managing to  drag a cane chair from the depths of the valley back to the Scout Hall!

The end result is both impressive and depressing… the Cubs manage to amass an impressive collection of two shopping trolleys, a cane chair and a gold trophy – as well as five big bags of rubbish. But it’s sad that within a year of our last clean-up, there’s so much garbage that’s been thrown into the bush.